Your Marketing Told On You — I Was Listening

  • Black people and other people of color are depicted in posts that are related to only being customers or in service to others
  • White people are depicted as business people, the makers, the “fabric of America” (the parents and the children in the Mother’s and Father’s Day posts are white)
  • If you aren’t working in Human Resources in recruiting, DO NOT volunteer to recruit other black people for free. The mere fact that HR does not know where to find black talent when being paid to do so is a problem. Instead, hold them accountable for earning their paychecks without making excuses, like you’re expected to do.
  • A workplace’s culture needs to be authentically dedicated to change before it just starts to onboard black people. We are truly traumatized and face unique challenges that the world has had years of experience ignoring and quite honestly, so have we. This awakening is painful for ALL. If your organization wants the benefits of having diversity on its team, then it needs to make investment in change and be prepared for what that change brings.
  • Though we talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion as if they are equal parts of a whole, that is not how it is experienced. An organization can be diverse but not inclusive or equitable. This is what causes talent to leave and leadership to “think” there is no “black talent to be found” when in actuality, you had it, didn’t listen to it, ran it off, and it told other black talent not to come to your circus.



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Anetra Henry

Anetra Henry


Thinker. Writer. Marketer. Diversity Champ. Lover of family, friends, & great music — especially Prince.